Tutorial: How to mend clothes and other fabric

We’ve spoken before about how re-enactment kit is expensive but can have its lifespan considerably lengthened by correct maintenance. However, even with perfect care, clothes and other fabrics may eventually become torn. To be honest, this is part of the normal working life of a garment. This tutorial will teach you how do mend tears and wears when they happen.

Eeeek! A tear!

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Event report: Flax processing workshop

Last week, some members of the Garrison along with some members of the Company of Chivalry went to Flaxland in the Cotswolds for a day workshop about flax processing.

Watching a demonstration of flax spinning.

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Guide: What to expect at shows

A Cardiff Castle Garrison living history encampment
A living history encampment at one of our shows.

Everyone is welcome to participate in our shows, as long as they are a current member of The De Caversham Household and have the minimum 14th Century kit (clothes) required. If you don’t have this yet, don’t worry. You can contact our Secretary to arrange membership. You can also contact our Living History Officer to find if it will be possible to borrow kit. To message either, please email TheDeCavershamHousehold@outlook.com.


Before you go to one of our shows, it’s worth reading this post to know what to expect.

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