Tutorial: A 14th Century hair and veil style

A popular fourteenth-century veil style is to have a pair of plaits framing your face which are visible under your veil.

Follow our tutorial to recreate it.

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Tutorial: How to wear 14th Century veils and wimples

Female members of The De Caversham Household use several types of head covering, including veils, wimples and caps. This blog post will focus on how to put on and wear these styles using step by step photographs.

For information relating to the history and evidence for ladies’ headcoverings, please see this blog post.

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Guide: Historical Women’s headwear

Ladies in various styles of veil.
Medieval ladies in various styles of veil. Maciejowski Bible.

During the fourteenth century, adult women (and often men, too) did not generally go around in public with their hair on display. Hair was considered private and not something to be displayed outside of the home, in the same way that Muslim and Orthodox Jewish women often cover their hair when out in public today. Fourteenth-century men would more commonly cover their hair with coifs, hats, or hoods, while women covered theirs with fabric veils and wimples.

This post will focus on the different headcoverings available to women of various classes during the fourteenth century, displaying some examples worn by our group members.

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