“Just a quick note to thank everyone who took part this weekend for all of their hard work and for helping to provide so much enjoyment for our visitors.”
Elizabeth Stevens, Cardiff Castle.

“Just a quick message to thank you for all your efforts this weekend. The festival was a massive success! Please pass on our thanks to your group!”
Dominic Garman, Caerphilly Big Cheese.

“Thank you so much for coming … I think everyone who came really loved to see all the things you brought along!”
Morwenna Perrott, Pontypridd Museum.

“The distaff spinning talk was interesting and informative but also fun.  The presentation would be of interest to all types of groups.  Britain was shaped by the textile trade and most family histories will contain some “Ag labs” who almost certainly would have had to spin or weave or just sit holding skeins for grandma at some point in their lives. Before the talk, none of us had been brave enough to try using a distaff and most of us thought they were only used with flax.  By the end of the talk we were itching to try and quite a few of us have acquired distaffs of our own to practice!”
Gillian Thomas, Secretary, Gwent Weavers, Spinners, Dyers Guild.

“I am so glad we were able to work with you this summer. The feedback received from the group [you gave a talk to] was extremely positive … thank you again for your cooperation, enthusiasm and fantastic workshop.”
Lynne Morris, Education First College Study Tours.

“A *huge* thank you to you and all the rest of the guys who came to do the re-enactment display for our wedding! We really enjoyed it and got a lot of (positive!) comments from our guests about it too. It really added to our day and was a fun way to keep with our castle theme.”
Aimée de Gruchy-Lambert, bride.